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Anti-Aging Program

How to Maintain a Youthful Mind, Body and Spirit

What if I told you that you have the power to choose whether you look and feel old versus young? Did you know your health will greatly determine where you end up in life?

Many people assume that bodily decline comes with advanced age, but this doesn't have to be so. A growing body of anti-aging research, in fact, shows that you can enjoy years of active physical life with few of the traditional signs of aging.

Most physical signs of aging - wrinkles, a stooped posture, and poor vision - are brought on prematurely by a combination of environmental factors and poor lifestyle habits. Some of these factors include pollution, excessive exposure to sunlight, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, inactivity, a lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Even the very force of gravity attempts to bend and strain your body and spine. Did you know you spend about 1/3 of your energy just staying upright in the field of gravity every day?
Proper nutrition and supplements help control free-radical cellular damage that greatly accelerates the aging process and can lead to illness and disease. Every tissue, every cell in your body requires oxygen, food, water, and nerve supply.

Step 1 : Be Determined, Get Motivated
Why do you want to be healthier? Maybe your parents didn't do so well as they aged. Maybe you've seen people in elderly nursing care and don't want that picture in your future. With the knowledge we have today, chances are better than ever you wont have to.

Step 2: Is your spine healthy? How do you know? You should have your spine check at least as often as your teeth. You can live without your teeth. Think about this... over 300,000 spinal nerves course down the cable of your spine to every cell in your body. Constant regulation in an incredible show of electrical power. Chiropractic turns the power on... like resetting the switches on a breaker box. Adjustments keep your spine moving. Motion is absolutely required for healthy spinal joints and healthy joints protect healthy nerves. Chiropractic is much more that relieving or preventing pain.

CHIROPRACTIC IS ANTI-AGING. Chiropractic care can stop or slow the spinal degeneration and the painful and unsightly stoop of aging. Who wants bent over stooping posture? It not only looks bad but it literally wears you out. It takes a LOT of energy to carry yourself that way. Act early enough and you wont have to. Chiropractic is both regenerative and preventative medicine.

Step 3: Have a Personal Lifestyle Plan
To keep the body young and full of vitality, eat healthy, cut out the fried foods. Drastically reduce sugar, alcohol, refined carbs. Exercise, rest... at least 7 hours of sleep per night, the right nutritional supplements... SO important you should get professional help on this one, and stress reduction. By following a healthy lifestyle, you can improve the look and condition of your skin, help to prevent heart disease, maintain joint flexibility, lower the risk of infections, decrease your chances of diabetes, slow mental and visual decline, and maintain healthy bone density.