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Blueprint Medicine

At the Power Clinic, we utilize the body's own blueprint to fortify it's own healing power. Your body is designed from nature's blueprint to perform efficiently provided certain conditions are met.
1. enough water, food, oxygen
2. ample nerve supply
3. removal of interferences.

Interference in the body like lack of rest, stress, imbalances and deficiencies, damaged nerve supply or toxins can create havoc in your body and lessen nature's power to heal.

Our first question in health should always be - Does this promote healing and repair of the problem or simply turn off the symptom allowing damage to continue? -

Precise supplementation can turn up the body's repair mechanism to new levels that result not only in the relief of pain and symptoms but rebuild and repair the problem. The body uses nutrients and herbs to build a reserve, fortify itself if you will. Over time, following the body's blueprint prescription for natural healing, tissues and organ systems get stronger and more resistant to disease and degeneration. Some refer to this an anti-aging. That means, simply, that the body remains younger than it's years. Someone could potentially be as energetic, pain free, and fully functioning at 70 as they were at 50.

The Power Clinic of Chiropractic and Acupuncture is able to perform tests that reveal how the body is functioning, where the problems are then apply the appropriate regimen for healing. By merging the best forms of natural healing, the typical response is faster and more complete. Our ultimate goal is to bring our patients to full and pain free functionality and to keep them at peak performance all their years.

At the Power Clinic, we help your body's own healing process work at its best to bring you maximum results.

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